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Ductable Air Conditioning

A ductable air conditioning system functions as a split air conditioner. It circulates conditioned air from the indoor unit into the room through circular, oval, or rectangular ducting. Ducting is constructed using materials such as galvanized steel, pre-insulated boards, or fabric.

Concealed Air Conditioning

The concealed ducted split system offers a discreet HVAC solution by concealing the indoor air handler in the ceiling or attic, with subtle vents visible in the designated area. The ducts of the system remain unseen as it efficiently distributes air through discreet ceiling or wall vents.

VRF system (Variable Refrigerant Flow)

Known as VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow), this technology circulates the precise minimum amount of refrigerant required during a single heating or cooling cycle. This innovation allows end-users to independently control multiple air conditioning zones simultaneously.

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